Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a therapeutic massage technique that focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Originating from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic healing system, this massage involves various massage strokes, acupressure, and manipulation techniques to release tension and promote relaxation.


  1. Stress Relief: It helps to reduce stress and tension accumulated in the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders, promoting relaxation and easing mental strain.
  2. Muscle Relaxation: By targeting specific muscle groups, it helps in relieving muscular tension, headaches, and neck stiffness.
  3. Improved Circulation: The massage techniques enhance blood circulation, promoting oxygen and nutrient supply to the scalp, which may benefit hair health.
  4. Mental Clarity: It can aid in increasing mental clarity, improving concentration, and reducing fatigue.
  5. Relaxation and Well-being: Overall, Indian head massage provides a sense of relaxation, balance, and well-being, offering a rejuvenating experience.

This massage therapy is performed in a seated position and can be adapted to suit individual preferences and needs. It’s considered a gentle yet effective way to promote both physical and mental relaxation.

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